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Liban Water


What is Liban Water?

Liban water (Frankincense) is the product of soaking Liban in water, and Liban is the gum of the kinder tree or Liban tree, an aromatic plant that has many types and benefits.

Benefits of Liban Water
  • Expectorant remover
  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood
  • Anti-diabetic
  • Anti indigestion
  • Nerve calming
  • Anti-bloating and flatus
  • General body disinfectant
  • Diuretic and disinfectant for the urinary system
  • Reducing the severity of arthritis and rheumatic pains
  • Treats cough
  • Protects the skin from aging and wrinkles because it helps in speeding up cell renewal and tighten skin sagging in general
  • Kills microbes and germs in the body


Liban contains a group of volatile oils and antioxidant elements in addition to vitamins such as vitamin B12.

Usage dosage

Suggested dosage for children

It can be given to the child as desired, without any restriction on quantity or time.

Suggested dose for adults

It is preferable to take it before meals 200-100ml or quantum libet (as much as you wish).