Aljaser... from nature's bounty

From Bahrain to GCC

Thousands of years ago till today, herbs come on top of our folkloric medical heritage. We aim to “bridge” health with community as we use bounties of nature, manufacture them in our factories in order to become usable.

Aljaser.. The gold mine

About Aljaser factory

A Bahraini company, established in 1978, working in the field of herbal water, manufacturing through the process of distilling various types  of herbs. We extract many benefits from all herbs and turn them into flavored water containing herbal extracts, free of any chemicals and preservatives. The idea of distilling herbs came from the noble Prophetic medicine, which clarified the extent of the benefits of herbs to the human body, to treat and prevent many chronic diseases and to maintain the health and activity of the human body. The products are also packaged according to international standards for production of healthy herbal water.

Discover the personality of our factory

Our values are based on believing in


General health

Social responsibility

Team work

Our Vision

To join health retrieved from popular philosophy with the modern society in cooperation with individuals and institutions.

Our Mission

We work on providing popular herbal healthy products to guarantee the continuity of the Bahraini healthy heritage culture.

Team work

Discover the beehive

We care about human resources, when you search among the team members, you will find the technical team that works to operate the factory and the production line, and you will find the administrative team that works hard to organize the delivery of these products to our customers in a timely manner and with the utmost benefit.

Aljaser Awards and Community Contributions

Aljaser Factory has won many awards in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as GCC. some of them are:

  • Best Small Project for the year 2016 from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
  • 2 times winner of Bahrain Food Excellence award (2017 & 2019)
  • Small Business in GCC award 2016
  • Shield from the Ministry of Education for contributing to the 2017 field training program
  • Shield for supporting summer activities, activities and programs (Northern Governorate with Tamkeen Labor Fund) for the year 2018
  • Bahrain Entrepreneur 2019 Finalist
  • Shield and certificate from the Bahrain Deaf Association in 2017
  • Shields and certificates from government health centers for participating in the activities of World Health Day, Cancer Day, Diabetes Day and other activities and events

Aljaser Partners

Our prestigious clients who partner with us for mutual success.