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Fennel Water


What is Fennel Water?

Fennel or cannabis or bhang is also known as jute. Fennel Extract is the decoction of fennel seeds.

Benefits of Fennel Water
  • Useful for indigestion
  • Relieving morning sickness
  • Increasing milk production
  • It has the advantage of being diuretic
  • Menstrual antiseptic
  • Stimulate appetite for children
  • Useful for treating urinary problems such as kidney stones and urinary infections


Fennel Water contains many nutrients such as (iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc in addition to many vitamins such as C, E, B9(folic acid), and K.

Usage dosage

Suggested dosage for children

50 - 30 ml with the addition of rock candy

Suggested dose for adults

200 ml at anytime