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Pandanus Tectorius Water


What is Pandanus Tectorius Water?

Pandanus or Pandanus Tectorius is classified in the order Pandanales. Pandanus flowers, from which pandanus water is extracted, are considered an important food for humans.

Benefits of Pandanus Tectorius Water
  • Immune system booster
  • Treats stomach cramps and colic
  • Useful for treating palpitations
  • Prevents fatigue and relaxes the body
  • Detoxicates the body
  • It provides the body with vitality and activity because it strengthens the body and supports the ability of all the body senses


Pandanus Tectorius water contains vitamin (G, D, A, B3) and minerals such as zinc (A, E, D).

Usage dosage

Suggested dosage for children

To be diluted and given to the child as desired

Suggested dose for adults

150 ml