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Thyme Water


What is Thyme Water?

Thyme is one of the most popular herbs belonging to the mint family, and its use is spread around the world due to its many health benefits. It is considered one of the most famous herbs used in the world of antibiotics.

Benefits of Thyme Water
  • Anti-cold
  • Relieving tonsillitis, strep throat, and mouth infection
  • Relieving pain and strengthening teeth and gum
  • Useful for lowering high blood pressure
  • Reducing cough and other symptoms of acute bronchitis
  • Useful in losing weight to obtain a very noticeable body fitness and slimming
  • Relieving menstrual cramps, pain and discomfort associated with menstrual period, as well as improving mood swings during this period


Contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the human body such as vitamin A, vitamin C
copper, iron, calcium , manganese , magnesium, vitamin B6, and potassium. It is also rich in antioxidants.

Usage dosage

Suggested dosage for children

Dilute as needed for the child

Suggested dose for adults

100ml when needed