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Members of the Al-Othman Council visit Aljaser Herbal Factory


Herbal water and folk medicines are part of the well-known, famous custom and tradition of the people of Bahrain since ancient times. Members of the Majlis Abdullah bin Rashid Al-Othman visited Aljaser Factory as part of its cultural activities. One of the partners and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Faisal Ibrahim Aljaser, was at the reception. He explained the process of distilling herbal and medicinal water and how to fill it with healthy methods and modern technical devices for both the large and small bottle models. He pointed out its health, rich and vital benefits that all of us need; some examples being olive water which helps to lower blood pressure and blood sugar; Mint and Zamotah aids in helping with digestion, appetite, analgesia, gas, satiety, stomach pain, also acts as anti-colic and diuretic.

Also explained that the Aljaser herbal water products are distributed across the local markets and are exported to various GCC countries and beyond. Some of the products in demand are Rose water, Palm water, Mint water, Hindiban water, Zamotah water, Celery water, Heej water, Olive water, Germanders water, Tabikha water, Thyme water and Margadosh water.

The board members thanked the manager and staff for the useful information and the kind reception.

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