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Abdullah bin Yousef Fakhro Social Center visited Aljaser Factory


The Abdullah bin Youssef Fakhro Social Center of the Department of Social Development Centers, in cooperation with the Abdullah bin Youssef Fakhro Club for Parents’ Care, organized a visit to the Aljaser Factory, Where the visitors were briefed on the production and packaging stages of the different products produced by the factory, It also reviewed the historical stage since the beginning of its establishment about thirty years ago until today. And the future plans that the factory management wants to make to enhance its presence as a distinct Bahraini industrial product.
In this regard, the visitors praised the great and distinguished efforts of the people of Bahrain and their great role in preserving Bahrain’s heritage in the production of herbal waters that are used as treatments and flavorings that the people of Bahrain are accustomed to and developed to match the tastes of consumers, whether in Bahrain or in the rest of the Arab Gulf countries.

It is worth mentioning that the Department of Social Centers seeks to support Bahraini factories by organizing field visits in order to contribute to economic development and support Bahraini products.

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