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Gripe Water


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What is Gripe Water?

It is a group of medicinal herbs that contribute to the removal of colic and flatulence in infants.

Benefits of Gripe Water
  • It gives the child comfort, and then helps him fall asleep quickly
  • Works to relieve the pain of teething experience of the child
  • Gets rid of the gas problem that is associated with cold and flu cases
  • Useful in reducing stomach acidity, and works to rid the child of hiccups
  • Soothes the baby from colic and cramps, and helps get rid of bloating


Gripe Water is a food supplement that is based on water in addition to some other ingredients such as chamomile, fennel and ginger, and it has a sweet taste that appeals to the children.

Usage dosage

Suggested dosage for children

One teaspoon as needed

Suggested dose for adults